Tight publishing schedule and American Exceptionalisms

The anthology in which my essay “Oprah’s Vigilante Sentimentalism” appears.

Before I get into an angsty, yet positive overview of my nutso schedule, I want to say a big “ALRIGHT!” because my Oprah essay is coming out in an anthology entitled American Exceptionalisms (click on the book cover image above).

I have three projects on the go at once:

1. A paper on Kenneth Burke and material culture for an edited collection that will likely be due by the summer. If you have read Burke, then you know what a joyful, yet momentous, task this will be to argue that Burke offers an excellent framework through which to study the material culture of literature.

2. A revise and resubmit for Studies in American Indian Literature. They are very interested in the essay but they want some fairly major rewrites that will take a couple of weeks of intensive work.

3. A revise/resubmit of my book proposal to the University of Nebraska Press plus I want to write the intro for my book. The title has changed for a third time, by the way, to its final form as Durable Frontiers: The Material Culture of White Indigeneity.

My research schedule this term is Tuesdays and Fridays and so far, January has been filled with meetings.

On top of this, I am working with a colleague to plan and implement a day that showcases the research and teaching of the English department at Trent. It’s a fun project, but trying to find balance is difficult. I am still the vice president of the faculty association at Trent and that too demands a fair chunk of time.

With all that said and done, I am going to enjoy every second because there will likely be no job for me next year at Trent. Or at least, as a contract employee, I do not count on a job from year to year. C’est la vie.


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