Interview with Bill Brown on Big Think

I use Bill Brown’s work a great deal.  while he could easily be pompous, he is not – nice to find.  Why do I use his work?  Because I am very interested in his take on material culture. How does material culture transform the us and our world?  I am very interested in this issue in terms of neocolonialism.

Here is Bill Brown’s bio from Big Think – click on his picture to listen to his interview.  It’s fantastic.

Bill BrownBill Brown is Edward Carson Waller Distinguished Service Professor of English and the visual arts at the University of Chicago. His past research has focused on popular literary genres, recreational forms, and the ways that mass-cultural phenomena impress themselves on the literary imagination. He currently studies the intersection of literary, visual, and material cultures. His major theoretical work is in “thing theory,” which borrows from Heidegger’s object/thing distinction to look the role of objects that have become manifest in a way that sets them apart from the world in which they exist. He edited a special issue of Critical Inquiry on this subject, which won awards for best special issue of an academic journal in 2001. His books include “A Sense of Things: The Object Matter of American Literature” (2003).


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