I like Jes’ writing a lot. Also, smart stuff here…

crooked lunch

i’m in the middle of watching the documentary film ‘breathing lessons‘ for the first time. i’ve interrupted it to blog. but mostly, i needed a break.

i haven’t blogged on my wordpress blog for a while, because i’ve been adjusting to my new city, and ideas of future projects are still ruminating. and i haven’t blogged on my feelings blog (blogspot) because i’ve been trying to fall out of love.

i haven’t created any new work of my own lately, and i can’t entirely pinpoint a reason as to why that is, but certainly the recovering heart is an easy answer. but an inaccurate one too, because hasn’t ‘love lost’ preoccupied art for centuries?

in the meantime, i have found employment at starbucks. it’s decent enough, my coworkers funny and engaging. and i can handle & find enjoyment in a joe-job because i much prefer to be working…

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