Lisa really knocked this one out of the park.


Last night at our course we watched a film version of Raymond Brigg’s graphic novel, “When the Wind Blows”.  I noticed the link had been posted earlier in the day for us to watch the film, however, I was already struggling with the despair of Trainspotting and really didn’t think I could handle what I anticipated to be another depressing experience.  As soon as I saw we were to study a work by this title, I felt it would be a heart-breaking story in which destruction would come through naivite.  That was certainly the case. Just listen to the words in the old English lullaby. Not only, does the cradle fall with the baby in it, in the lesser known verses the family is identified with the monarchy.  Allegiance is taught young with Mother (the queen) standing nigh protecting us.

When the Wind Blows was published in 1982…

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