The relationship Jan makes between Levi and Othello is very interesting.

The Prison of Identity

Along side of this course in Theories of Race and Ethnicity I am also taking a course in Holocaust history. Below is a poem written by Primo Levi, it works well with the discussion of identities as prisons.

You who live safe

In your warm houses,

You who find, returning in the evening,

Hot food and friendly faces:

Consider if this is a man

Who works in the mud

Who does not know peace

Who fights for a scrap of bread

Who dies because of a yes or a no.

Consider if this is this is a woman,

Without hair and without name

With no more strength to remember,

Her eyes empty and her womb cold

Like a frog in winter.

(Excerpt from Primo Levi’s, “If this is a Man”)

Primo Levi’s poems and books were written from his LIVED experience at Auschwitz.  His writing is profoundly chilling because as readers we are sutured into the camp through his eyes, we EXPERIENCE (but…

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