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When an acquaintance gave me a copy of Charlotte Church’s autobiography, I felt insulted that she thought I would want to read the book. What could a 14-year old have to say of any value? Interestingly, it is titled Voice of an Angel: My Life (So Far) although I don’t think she was referencing the ‘angel in the house’. So. Charlotte Church. Sweetly, she writes, “As Mum always says, ‘A lot of your success has to do with your team. They’re the best’” (Church 103). Here’s another thought: “When people ask me what it’s like to sing on stage, I tell them that it’s a bit like sharing yourself with all the people in the audience. Afterward you feel drained, as if your soul has been squeezed, although in a great way” (Church 102). You get the idea. It’s not a literary work. It’s just a case…

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