Eric Finch may well be the most powerful character in V for Vendetta…here is an excellent analysis of him!

The Orange Ukulele

Let’s talk about Eric Finch. Not the weirdo in the Guy Fawkes mask and flowing wig, or the teenage drifter-turned-prostitute-turned-anarchist, or the dictator with a computer fetish. No, just plain old, head down, government worker Eric Finch.

Of all the characters in the novel, it is Finch who, arguably, is closest to the reader: he knows both sides of the story, having knowledge of the Norsefire organization and glances into the world of V and Evey, yet remains inconspicuously unattached from them. And like the reader, he uses LSD to experience what V went through in the government experimentation camps. Well, like some readers, I assume.

For a number of pages, we are treated to the drugged out meanderings of Finch, who questions his own actions: “They say L.S.D. only magnifies what’s already there. Christ, why did I take this now, when I’m already so confused anyway?” (Moore 212). During…

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