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Othering Ourselves

The premise of my blog so far has been that there are groups of people, categorized together, and differentiated from another group. One of these groups holds the power, and names another group of people (or an individual from that group) as “the other”. This idea, of one group being the default and another being secondary and lesser, is shaped by and supported by narrative. Through this, it can be internalized, stereotypes can develop, as well as prejudices and an assortment of identity issues. In response to this, some groups have reclaimed derogatory terms once held against them and used to other them from the “default”. Some to great success, as in the word queer; some to very limited success, as in nigger and cunt. Why are there varying levels of success and can we really use these traditionally othering terms in a productive way, to shape our own identity?

In order to answer this question I…

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