I dare you not to like the creativity and analytical depth of this post. No jargon – just dead on critique.

The Gamer's Looking Glass

Western, or American, culture has a long-standing and irrepressible love affair with its own impending doom.

But can you really blame us? Ever since the foundation of America, the West has been a place whose culture has been steeped in violence. Ever since the 1700s, wars have become more and more devastating, with our ability to destroy others having ramped up year by year. After all, the decades leading up to the gaming boom were marked by a never-before-seen level of global paranoia, motivated by the never-before-seen ability to wipe entire cities from existence in the blink of an eye. Who can reasonably blame us for thinking as a collective unit, ‘Somewhere, sometime, this is all going to give’, and incorporating that mindset into our media?

But we can take it back much farther than that: which best-selling religious book was considered a foundation of western society by many of…

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