Yeah – he would have for sure.


Roland Barthes died more than a decade before the first “weblog” came into existence, yet his work more than applies to the way blogs are written and read. Over the course of his career as a literary theorist, he challenged traditional ideas of authorship in very much the same way that blogs are presently doing. This surprising(ly delightful?) overlap occurs most explicitly in Barthes’ arguments about the fragmentation of texts and the reader’s role in the construction of a text’s meaning. Do you already see where this is going?

The reader’s role in “writing” a text (constructing its meaning through a fragmentary style of reading) is a subject that Barthes thought and wrote about over the course of thirty years. While once again it is beyond the scope of this post to summarize all of his brilliant arguments (Barthes is something of a rockstar as far as literary theorists go)…

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