a meditation on intertextuality….

The Gamer's Looking Glass

All narratives have a dual nature. While nothing exists in a vacuum, the work in question should be taken to have its own inherence, a dignity all its own and measured on the merits of how well it succeeds in the goals it sets out for itself. But the other side of the coin is that all narratives interact with the works that surround them, spatially, chronologically, thematically or ideologically.

On one hand, that’s just a spick-and-span way of accounting for various marketing trends on a level slightly more academic than “creators see what sells, so they make stuff similar to it” (which in itself I would not agree with in all instances – maybe I’ll get around to talking about just how much of a wild card the whole ‘success’ business is soon).

There are whole University courses devoted to discussing how literature talks to its paperback peers, like…

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