Nuevo Paraiso

I will be writing a little more over the next couple of weeks about my experiences playing Red Dead Redemption in the game’s version of Mexico. Perhaps it’s an obvious thing to say, but this whole section of the game is racist – wow.  Mexican identity is bastardized to an unbelievable degree, as is the history of Mexico. Nuevo Paraiso (New Paradise) is clearly an ironic (and fictional) name for the borderlands of Mexico for the 1911 border region of Mexico, which was anything but a paradise.

I am finally finished this section of the game and I am in the middle of writing an article about why Mexico is represented as a place filled with lecherous and corrupt leaders; abused women, banditos, and peasants. Yes, these pathological representations happen all the time, but why in this way and in this time period?

In the next post, I’ll be talking about the representation of gender, which is much more pronounced in this territory of the game than in New Austin or in West Elizabeth (except for John Marston’s return to his family, but that’s for another post. One of the main villains, Captain Vincente de Santa, is rumored to be gay, which is not meant to give him a positive identity, but to designate him as deviant, even abject. More to come on this territory of the game, much more.

Vincente de Sante does not end well, but not many queer character do in RDR. He looks a little Like Al Pacino – no?

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