Hopelessness of the Post-War Generation

Who wouldn’t like a post that shows the relevance of The Smiths as a band that articulated the political despair of a generation? This is a blog by one of my students in Brit lit, fyi.

Why So Angry?

A key characteristic of the post World War 2 generation in Britain was the sense of hopelessness felt amongst the working lower class due to social inequality and upper class arrogance. Not much has changed in Britain since the 50’s as “the line between upper and lower class was and still is very clean cut.” (Schlüssel, 383). The ‘Angry Young Men’ movement used a variety of different mediums to revolt against social inequality in Britain. Writing and singing about these frustrations was a way for the working class to “search for their own identities and try to cope with their environment” (Schlüssel, 382).

The Smiths express the same ideals of the ‘Angry Young Men’ movement in many of their songs. For example the song “What Difference Does it Make”:

This song clearly demonstrates the hopelessness felt by the post-war generation, click here to see the lyrics. The working class faced…

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