Allan Quatermain

A fantastic analysis of literary allusion on Moore’s League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

Moore Allusions

Allan Quatermain appears in a series of stories written by H. Rider Haggard, the most famous being King Solomon’s Mines, written 1885. This book chronicles the adventures of British colonialists searching for the fabled treasures of King Solomon in South Africa. Aristocrat Sir Henry Curtis and a Captain Good approach Quartermain about a search for the mysterious mines. Using a map belonging to Quartermain, one in which he never took seriously, the three prepare for their journey. A native of Africa, Umbopa, also joins them on their quest. Notably, he is described as being more well spoken and handsome than other native Africans. The four proceed on their journey, have a brief quarrel with an elephant who claims one of their servants, and reach the edge of a desert (recall the iconic elephant gun Quatermain uses in LoEG). They proceed across the desert on foot, almost dying in the…

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