“Body Without End”: Dystopian Fears, Utopian Visions, and New Horizons

Where is digital feminism? Why isn’t there MORE?

Digital Zeitgeist

The backlash that Anita Sarkeesian received in 2012 for her Youtube video, “Tropes Vs. Women in Video Games,” raised some interesting questions regarding feminism’s place in cyberspace.  In her video, Sarkeesian performs a critical reading of video games that depict women as objects of desire, what she refers to as the typical “damsel in distress” trope that is commonplace in many adventure narratives.  Up until, “Tropes Vs. Women in Video Games,” Sarkeesian was relatively unknown to the video gaming community.  Her web series, FeministFrequency, only became famous (or, rather, infamous) once the video gaming community began a hate campaign against Sarkeesian, which included posting rape threats, death threats, and distasteful jokes on the comment section of her videos, as well as creating games, such as “Beat Up Anita Sarkeesian” that allowed users to abuse the feminist vlogger’s image.

The question remains: why?

Some critics claim that Sarkeesian’s criticism is one-sided, biased, and representative of a type of radical, no-nonsense feminism…

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