Writing to Educate

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Take a moment to listen to traditional story teller and spoken word artist, Leanne Betasamosake Simpson, as she performs “leaks.” 

For every one of your questions, there’s a story hidden in the skin of the forest:

Use them as flint, fodder, love songs, medicine.

You are from a place of unflinching power,

The holder of our stories,

The one who speaks up,

The chance for spoken-up words drowned in ambush.

You are not a vessel for white settler shame, even if I am the housing that failed you.

Leanne Simpson

I interpret Leanne’s words to mean that the little five-year-old girl she speaks to holds imbued knowledge and stored wisdom. In this next generation resides the hopes and learnings of her mother, her grandmothers, and all those who have gone before her. They pass on what they have learned in life as a way to prepare and arm the next…

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