disability, art, and the age of the internet: a tedxtalk

An insightful look at how social networks build identity in an ableist world.

crooked lunch

[transcript below. trent university, oshawa ontario. january 18th, 2014]

i’d like to take a moment before i start, to acknowledge that we are here today on stolen land, belonging to the mississauga-new credit first nations– a part of the ongoing colonial project in canada. institutions, like the post-secondary, like art galleries, may be planted like flags, to become the evolving generative machines of history, for which they were so-designed, but it is the land, its peoples, and their survivance amidst colonial erasure that we must first acknowledge here today.

before i really rev up i suppose i should tell you who i am: i am a story-teller. it what i was born to do. it’s what i’m good at. and in the process of my still quite novice earthly existence, i’ve been learning what that means, for someone living in the 21st century world.

ah yes, and someone who looks…

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