Cows on the MOO-ve

Some advice on debugging that I thought should be shared…

Team Cow Level

Cow Kingdom has come online, but move along – there’s nothing to see here. All that’s here is a bit of design, a bit of site layout, and a whole lot of placeholders. However, there’s a cool bit of technology that we’re using here. If you haven’t seen it yet, Google has a new design concept for the newest version of Android: Material Design.

Material Design Material Design – Nice, simple, clean.

We thought it looked nice. Clean look and smooth effects. We liked it. Then we found Polymer: material design for the web. That is how we are designing our website for the game.

It wasn’t too hard to learn either. It was still the usual basic HTML, CSS and Javascript, but with a few twists here and there. To make the different polymer elements, you just do an HTML import of the elements you need (in our case so far, the…

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