Interesting post on why Gamestop is the evil Walmart of video game sales.

The Gamer's Looking Glass

This might sound a bit strange, coming from someone who raffled off an EB Games gift card at a recent promotional appearance. But there’s a very big difference between supporting the gaming industry by shopping at EB, and supporting EB by shopping at EB. If you’re sagely nodding your head, then you know what I’m talking about; if that sentence came off as confusing as heck, then this piece is for you.

And we enter. And we enter.

In North America, Gamestop (and the Canadian company it now owns, EB Games) is the rule of the day if you’re looking to buy games from a brick-and-mortar store, unless you’re lucky enough to have a good indie game shop in your area. Gamestop is all about pushing the used games on you as opposed to new copies, and they take this extremely seriously. A couple years ago, I noticed that the yellow-stickered “used” stickers…

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