The Torture of No Choice: Morality Systems and GTA V

The procedural rhetoric of the game dictates all…

Yes! One More Blog!

Morality systems in video games appears to be a simple concept. Your character comes to a point the game, and you can either choose A or B (sometimes C and D are also choices), and depending on what you choose, the world around your character changes slightly. Oh wait, it is a simple concept. Fallout 3, maybe the best use of a morality system (either that or Skyrim), has a morality spectrum, where your character’s actions change your position on the spectrum (there are three major positions: good, neutral, and evil). Depending on your position on the spectrum, the game changes around you, and you can have different alliances or rewards (if my memory is correct. It’s been a number of years since I journeyed the Wasteland alone, only with Kanye West’s then-recently released My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy as my companion). Still, your position on the spectrum…

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