Student Work/Research


The pages listed under this category contain a wide representation of the best blogs students have produced in a range of courses.  One of these blogs, “neither a wild Indian nor a tame one” ,  had posts solicited for publication in a German teaching manual entitled Mediation by Cornelson. Clearly, blogs not only offer students all kinds of multimodal opportunities to explore course material, but also  the chance to be published. As well, WordPress has become such a popular platform for communication that learning the various tools WordPress offers provides students with marketable skills.

I find most students put a great deal of effort in their blogs, but I think it is important to congratulate those students who went the extra mile and did much more than the assignment asked.In terms of evaluation, the content is worth more than the design, because students are usually new to blogging, and design takes time to learn. In other words, sometimes the content surpasses the design, and I wanted you to understand this fact before reading the following blogs. I hope you enjoy what my students have produced – I am excessively proud of them.

It’s All Kid’s Stuff

The Orange Ukulele



Unifying Riffs

Doing It Wrong


“neither a wild Indian nor a tame one”



Cultural Ideology and Identity

The Gamer’s Looking Glass

I am still compiling the list – many more to add so please check back soon!


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