Student Blogs for Indigenous Fiction

The following are student projects about Indigenous fiction – some students have chosen unique subjects that are best explored using a multimedia platform like WordPress. Enjoy!

Kaitlyn Y’s Blog Exploring of Indigenous Knowledge

Denise L’s Blog on Awareness Beyond the Classroom

Nancy’s G’s Blog: Writing as Lifeblood

Jennifer C’s Blog: Social Media as the Means to Empower Indigenous Knowledge

Talia W’s Blog: The Road to Indigenous Empowerment

Jennifer P’s Blog: A Study of Animals in Indigenous Fiction

Shannon H’s Blog: an Exploration of Oral Traditions

Melanie O’s Blog: Indigenous Fiction

Emily D’s Blog: Indigenous Tourism

Anthony M’s Blog: Video Games and Representations of Indigeneity

Kim V’s Blog: On Reclaiming Native Identity

Nicole P’s Blog: An Exploration of Indigenous Music

Bill J’s Blog: Citizen Wemistokoshiw

Sarah P’s Blog: Open Your Mind to Harsh Realities

Brenna’s Blog: Empowering Indigenous Knowledge

Ashley’s Blog: Recreating Aboriginal Persona

Kayla P’s Blog: The Idle No More Movement

Paul W’s Blog: Indigenous Representation in Star Trek


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